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The use of wind energy for energy production is far from “beyond discussion”. In some countries, this renewable energy is still "on their marks". In those countries that look back on years of wind energy experience, some sort of critical point has been reached: they are running out of wind turbine sites, the public opinions turns against turbines as "landscape destroyers", while the environmental argument is loosing influence.

We think

"Baltic Wind" unites partners who believe in the advantage of wind energy production, in wind and as an energy source that is very much preferable to “traditional” fossile sources - even if this includes a certain optical disantvantage from time to time. We agree that a tree is more beautiful than a wind energy converter - but is a coal-fired power station really the better way?

We are

Our members are representatives of the German wind energy scene but closely interlinked with the European wind energy initiative: engineers, scientists, companies - and single persons who just want to involve themselves into the wind energy field to support the idea.

see: windenergy-in-the-bsr.net

We want to

Our main aim is to convince people as well as institution about all over the BSR or even Europe about the advantages of wind energy use.

wind turbines

Wind energy is becoming a more and more global topic. Globalism requires international co-operation. Co-operation requires networking - and this is what we want to do: to use our existing network of wind-energy-partners, to extend it, to create new ones.

Interested? Join us.

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Some of the Baltic Wind Association activities:

WindTechKnow: As a cooperation of 10 project partners from all parts of Europe, opportunities to improve the implementation of wind energy projects under quite different national and regional circumstances.
InterregIIIc | 2005-2008 | 7 Partners | 5 Countries

Wind energy in the Baltic Sea Region (WEBSR) I and II plus WEBSR2 Upgrade: The project is a follow-up of the InterregIIIb-project "Wind energy in the BSR" (2003-2005), using resp. expanding the existing international network structure, and, thus joint competences. Still the current situation is quite different from 6 years ago: Wind energy is widely established on EU-territory, even in Poland and Lithuania there are wind energy projects and related support and promotion institutions ... more
Interreg IIIb and South Baltic Programme | 2003-2012 | 17 Partners | 10 Countries

Eastwind: After a European network of wind energy experts was successfully established in the WEBSR project, the project EASTWIND allowed to extend this network for 3 partners from Russia. During the project, 2 regions in Russia were investigated regarding their suitability for wind energy use and the first big wind energy marketing campaign in Russia was implemented.
TACIS/InterregIIIb | 2007-2009 | 5 Partners | 2 Countries

BALTECO: The Baltic Wind Energy Association contributes actively to developing the South Baltic Center of Offshore Wind Energy, acronym "BALTECO". Purpose of the Center is to become a collaboration platform for the research institutions, industry, public administration and other organisations supporting development of the Offshore Wind Energy in the Baltic Sea Region. BALTECO project is paving the way for future cooperation by means of main targets and assumptions definition. This international initiative is funded within Seed Money Facility under INTERREG South Baltic 2014-2020 programme. Project contributes to the European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region priority "Energy".
In this project, the Baltic Wind Energy Association cooperates closely with the Institute of Fluid Flow Machinery PASci, the coordinator of the "BALTECO" Seed Money Project, the Polish Wind Energy Association (PSEW) and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). In the next stage other institutions (including private sector) and other countries from the Baltic Sea Region will be included. Contact person for partnersn interested in the project is Joanna Luczak (e-mail: joanna.luczak@imp.gda.pl).

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